Covering a band as legendary as The Cure is no easy feat, but LA-based Darkwave artist, Mareux has been wildly successful with his version of the track from the band’s 1987 album Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me.

In wake of the song’s viral success with over 2.3 billion views across TikTok, Mareux teamed up with filmmakers Muted Widows Produced a (Michael R. Zumaya, Nedda Afsari, and Michael E Linn), who translated the atmospheric song’s atmosphere into a seductive music video starring RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 winner Violet Chachki.

The scene is set in “The Perfect Girl” with Chachki making her stylish entrance into an apartment full of leather daddies. The leather-clad men then proceed to perform chores and household activities around her.  Is this real, or just in her in head? Either way, Violet reflects how imagination can imbue the mundane with lush glamour and fantasy. And as she primps in the mirror, she knows she looks perfect.

“Muted Widows were able to capture the song’s vibe perfectly by casting a contemporary megastar like Violet and placing her against an unnerving mid-century backdrop, which parallels the dark yet dreamy and alluring nature of the song,” says Mareux.

“‘The goal with ‘The Perfect Girl,’ and really all my music, was to produce something timeless,” he adds. “Between the romantic lyrics of Robert Smith, the catchy melody, and the danceable tempo, I think I’ve made something that will hopefully resonate for decades to come.”

Watch the video for ‘The Perfect Girl” below:

​​Mareux is the long-running solo project from LA-based musician and producer Aryan Ashtiani. Uniting people across diverse subcultures, Mareux has ignited a worldwide cult following with his unique brand of romantic darkwave.

Live shows are scheduled for San Diego and Los Angeles this June. More info here.

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