Anglo/Swedish duo Cherokee Death Cats have unveiled their effervescent new single, “Work it Out”, via Berlin’s Duchess Box Records. The Gothenburg band, comprised of Bea Persson and Rat Westlake, grew out of a flurry of dynamic studio sessions and performances at underground clubs.

Work It Out is a delightfully 90s-style catchy mix of garage, rock, and dirty pop. Bringing to mind Blur’s classic Song 2, the bubbly chorus of “whoo-hoos” with their gritty, cat-scratch sound belies a darker underbelly via unexpectedly acerbic lyrical content.

Westlake describes the track as “an ironic kick-back at the shallower side of society. At the artificial surface of social media and the things that people use to be seen, to be loved, to be respected, to get likes and to get laid.”

Cherokee Death Cats recorded the track in their own project studio, and also at Nacksving studios in Gothenburg, self-producing in collaboration with producer Anders Lagerfors (Pale Honey, Bellaroush, The Bongo Club).

The video, directed by Dan Andersson, is likewise a trippy throwback to the 90s, conveying the playfulness and high energy of the band.

Watch the video for ‘Work it Out” below:

Cherokee Death Cats unfurled their debut EP No No No in April 2019, followed by Sick that November. The titular song was featured in the show HANNA, as well as for the trailer for legendary skater Tony Hawk’s Masterclass video series.

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