“You’re the one with the problem, not me. Your definition of dignity is bullshit. You take a position of authority, but you are small. That crown doesn’t fit you and now I’m taking it back.”

Sometimes we just need to cut through the mire of cheap sentiment, societal pressures, and pure nonsense to find – and love- our own selves. The mysterious Victorian Death Photos, an anonymous Houston twosome of one man and one woman, sends a valentine to those marginalized souls who have eschewed codependency and commercialism and taken back their own power: “The Crown”. As with all songs by Victorian Death Photos, their lyrics are thematic and intended to spark conversations about psychological and social issues. In this case, it’s those who have become self-possessed and strong, despite past obstacles.

“Often unsung heroes in society, at times they (even unknowingly) inspire others to love themselves for who they are,” the band says of their inspiration. “The message is that we can, as humans, as a collective, create a place where everyone can safely be unapologetically who they are…The angel in the battle for self-acceptance. The…person coming into realization against the negativity.”

The video depicts the story of a person transitioning, and the inner and societal struggles they encounter along the way. “In the end, they find an inner strength that has been fighting for them, and are validated by the love of a friend,” says the band.

Watch the video for ‘The Crown” below:

“The Crown” was mixed and mastered by Kevin Butler of Test Tube Audio.

Victorian Death Photos, compared to Chvrches, fellow Texans S U R V I V E, and Minuit Machine, call their sound “Indielectronic Post-Punk.” The duo have collaborated on many different creative projects in the past, with designs on creating a metal album. Fate had other plans, however, and once the pair started working together, they ended up zeroing in on a “haunted, synthy, post-punk electronic” sound.

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