Vexillary is all about mania. The New York City-based producer unleashes his innermost psychosis with the industrial-induced LP, Full Frontal Lunacy—and his single, “Absinthe Minded,” depicts the depths that psychosis and unfulfillment in life can lead a person. The track, in its late 1990s and early 2000s-tinged EBM, references the projects of Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly, Noise Unit) and is an “ode to lust and the subsequent demise.”

There is a romance that is woven in “Absinthe Minded” with its melodic synth lines and heavily altered vocals, but is drowned in a deep sorrow—one that is cauterized by “absinthe.” To Vexillary, the use of “absinthe” in the title is a metaphor for “any substance or device that can offer a means to escape the mundane.” The use of vices, physical or otherwise, can spiral out of control and become a crutch rather than a source of freedom.

This idea is further emphasized by the cyber world of the track’s music video. The digital landscape presents a glitchy universe, one where Vexillary’s live performances are cut in and out, “depicting a nightmarish transformation possible through the more dangerous methods of escapism.” Choose your poison and watch the compelling video below:

Vexillary’s Full Frontal Lunacy was released on Halloween of 2021 and was a result of the producer locking himself into his studio and allowing mania to control the direction in which his music transformed. In his method actor approach, he documents the journey of creation that led to a nervous breakdown. Follow Vexillary on IG and FB.

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