Vancouver’s innovative, enthralling musical duo Carbon Mass formed in 2016 after a chance online meeting between electronic music composer Sina Lankarani and vocalist/guitarist Tim Claridge. Since then, the two have been perpetually evolving on material that is familiar, and instantly addictive.

The entrancing beats created by Sina Lankarani are supplementary to the full-bodied, fascinating soundscapes he creates using a vibrant palette of synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers. Tim’s voice, surrounded by this collage of sound and experimental paths, conjures a sombre, yet soothing musical tapestry reminiscent of mid-career Radiohead and Blackstar-era Bowie, but with huge hooks and driving beats. French Call Girl’s groovy backbeat and strangely melancholic minor chords driving the track brings to mind Australia’s Midnight Juggernauts.

A terrific offering from Carbon Mass.

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