“Stop…and then have the strength to start again.”

Italian New Wave/Darkwave band Sis Felix releases an emotional new video and single, aptly entitled Rebirth. A song about giving back a new form of hope, spiritual passion, and soul purification with new forces. Vocalist Roberto Pellicano croons his way through regeneration, backed by Alessandro Brescia on bass, Dario Romano on guitar, Michele Perrella on keyboard and synths, and drummer Raffaele Addivinelo.

With the four songs on Rebirth, Sis Felix captures the deep essence of reality, the constant questioning of their own desires, and the exorcism of fear. The band visits the sounds of the 1980s, but give the compositions a more modern and personal dimension. The precise and full-bodied sound updates the oeuvre of Tears For Fears, Joy Division and The Cure: freeing the anguished soul from the shackles of fear.

H.E.R., an Apulian violinist who has collaborated with Franco Battiato, Morrissey, Teresa De Sio, joins the band on the songs Your Colors and Sorrow.

Sis Felix formed in Foggia, Italy in 1985, influenced by the New Wave across the Channel. They published one demo in 1987 to great acclaim. In a short time, however, the band disbanded. They reformed in 2012, and  in 2016 rose from the ashes of original material with the single Motionless Thinking, produced by the RadioSpia label. In 2019, Sis Felix released the EP Figures which premiered during the spring edition of the Medimex festival.

The band released a performance video for Rebirth, created by Werther Di Gianni, Samuele Romano, Elena Nigro, and Dario Romano. Watch it below:

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