The Brooklyn-based artist Un Hombre Solo is, as his name suggests, no stranger to loneliness. Solitude and its effects is “a concept that has been more than familiar for me, and something I have learned to love, along with the need to scream to the world in my first language,” he says about his musical project. Rotundo Fracaso, the new EP that’s out today on both tape and digital, is a four song diatribe that combines the aggression of oldschool EBM, such as Leæther Strip, with the melancholic unhinged spirit of the 1980s Movida Madrileña movement out of Spain.

“El Mecanismo del Ser,” as the first single for the EP, is gracefully haunting. The wailing melody, alongside Un Hombre Solo’s sinister vocals, create an atmosphere of both suspense and sadness. It holds fast to the punk ethos of Alaska and Parálisis Permanente with an industrialized goth tinge of Skinny Puppy—a combination that feels new and exciting. The music video for “El Mecanismo del Ser”—shot in an isolated, snowy field—reflects cold desolation of Rotundo Fracaso. Watch below:

Purchase the tape Rotundo Fracaso at Un Hombre Solo’s Bandcamp. The release is done by hand, the tape was recorded on a transparent blue cassette, it is vacuum-sealed and then dipped in black rubber. It comes with a limited 2.5 inch pin and a poster.

“El Mechanismo del Ser” originially premiered at Cold Experiment.

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