Ukrainian deathrock outfit Old Cat’s Drama have unveiled their bleak new single, “Time.” Bringing to mind the classic gothic sounds of Clan of Xymox, Christian Death, and London After Midnight, the melancholy dirge is a powerful lamentation about washing away sins as time passes us by. The powerful vocals are punctuated by captivating and emotional guitar work and insistent drumming mimicking the sound of a ticking clock.

Old Cat’s Drama are familiar faces in Ukraine. They’ve also made an appearance at the Return To The Batcave event in Poland. The Kyiv band, consisting of Herold E. (vox, lyrics), Divuar L. (guitars), and Oleksii Sup (Quadrille/Кадриль), is one of the few trad goth bands in the city, It originated as a duo in 2011, releasing the EP ‘Pretty Things‘ and the LP ‘Come And See.

Currently, Old Cat’s Drama is working on their new album, which incorporates new experimental sound elements. ‘Time” was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Serj Kost. is now available on all streaming platforms.

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