Turkish Darkwave duo She Past Away have returned with another fantastic video from their critically acclaimed and fan-favorite 2019 LP Disko Anskiyete, one of our choices for best albums of that year.

The moving video for the track “Ağıt” is dedicated to the Memory of Şeyda Yamanlar Aydemir (a.k.a Heidi Rotterfurman), which is directed by Burak Erkil, and features title design from Studio Pul.

“We thank Burak Erkil, who made this piece of art by putting his heart and soul, Hamit Aydemir, the beautiful people of Istanbul, Tarlabasi, everyone who got involved in this project, lastly and most importantly Şeyda Yamanlar Aydemir (a.k.a Heidi Rotterfurman).

This video is dedicated to all alienated people who are oppressed, persecuted, and even killed because of their choices.”

Watch the video below:

“Ağıt” is featured on She Past Away’s 2019 album Disko Anksiyete. Out now through Metropolis Records in North America, and Fabrika Records in Europe!

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