“Contradictions and inner chaos”

Turkish post-punk/darkwave duo Ductape announce a new video for Sinners, the second from the Ruh LP.  “Ruh,” released at the beginning of 2022, invites the listener to ‘dance over their disappointments’ with the band’s own interpretation of post-punk.

The DIY video was filmed after Ductape’s concert in Italy, with the idea that the ancient city of Pompeii would fit the theme of the song perfectly. In the clip, we see the band wandering through the ghost town of victims turned to literal stone, frozen in time forever. The icy, sinister synths and pulsing base feel ominous; the ripple effect of a looming threat of the volcano awakening two millennia ago. We see the mosaics and sculptures of a happier time in Pompeii – a once-vibrant city, full of artisans, musicians, and a lust for life and sexual expression – now strange, tragic mysteries for archaeologists to solve. This was catnip for the band, who filmed the video clip on the sly to incorporate, and collaborate with, these long-ago people.

Sinners…was filmed unauthorized and unplanned,” the band explains. “The gloom of the city invites all sinners to walk on its stone paths, wander through their lustful rooms and feel their long-lost pain.”

Ductape’s sound is very much of the 21st century, and seeing them connect the ancient world with today’s sound is both jarring and touching.

Watch the video for “Sinners” below:

Ductape introduced their debut EP, “Little Monsters,” to audiences in 2020. After the release of their first LP, “Labirent” at the beginning of 2021, the duo signed with Swiss Dark Nights and released the EP “Araf,” including remixes by Hapax, Delphine Coma, and N.L.P. Ductape then embarked upon a tour of Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, as well as shows and festivals within Europe.

“Sinners” is featured on their latest album Ruh.

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