Istanbul based musician Eren Gusan under the guise of Darkwave project Affet Robot, has debuted the video for “Firtina”, a track off of his new EP Huzursuz Seyirler, which is out today through Audioban Records.

Huzursuz Seyirler, which translates into English as “Restless”, is the followup to 2017’s debut LP Röntgen (“X-Ray”).

Huzursuz Seyirler was recorded at Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam, shortly after the release of Röntgen.

“Firtina”, which translates as “Storm”, is a unique fusion of nostalgic imagery that interplay between synth-wave tropes and mainstays with undeniably candlelit dark-wave visuals, which perfectly represents the sound of the track, which ultimately feels like it is wrapped in a warm halo of analog bliss that peaks with the almost prog-rock ascending synth sequence. It is “modernist, nostalgic and familiar at the same time”.

Story-wise, the video seems to represent the unlying storm ever-present in any domestic partnership. We can only infer and project so much at first glance—not speaking Turkish—which makes this video even more fascinating.

The music video is directed and edited by Yağmur Akın Karagöz. The main idea of the song is to describe the two sides of the same coin, good & evil, light & dark. It tells a story about the evolution of a relationship, from beginning to end.

The lyrics of the “Huzursuz Seyirler” EP mainly touch the feeling of disappointment, contradiction, anger, and passion which are experienced by all modern human beings.

Here are the lyrics in Turkish:

Kafamın içinden delip geçtin

Soğuk nefesin içimi kesti

Hafızam silinmiş gibi

Boş bir dünyaya uyandım

Tüm güzel şeyler, artık benimleler

Ama içimdeki şu korku

Bu nasıl bir fırtına

Yüreğim ağzımda

Patladı patlayacak sanki

Bu nasıl bir fırtına

Yerin altında

Gizli bir volkan sanki

Watch the video for “Firtina” below:


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