As oldschool as it gets, Berlin’s Totenwald, is a Dark Punk quartet founded in 2014 with a sound strongly inspired by the city’s burgeoning underground scene of the 1980s. Their look and feel conjures up the images of backcombed hair, cigarettes,  beer, and avant-garde attitudes that were  found 35 years ago at the legendary S036, and showcased in Mark Reeder’s B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin.

Sergej on bass, Trish vocals, Ruby Saxophone, Janis Guitars

Totenwald’s music is a mix of Positive Punk, Wave and Goth with the incorporation saxophones and a drum machine, that is so infectious on their latest song Shadows in Paradise.

The video for the track was masterfully shot during one long Summer night in July 2017 in collaboration with Danish Canadian synth and video artist Sally Dige Jorgensen via lo-fi VHS.

The song can be found on the band’s  upcoming new album Dirty Squats And Disco Lights which will be released in February 2018 by Plastic Bomb Records, Bat-Cave Productions, and Sierpien Records.

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