Toronto-based post-punk act Shallow Waves have unleashed their caustic and surreal video for “A Regressive State”, the third single from their upcoming EP “ Echoes Of A Collapse” on Green Witch Recordings.

The noise-infused track is a barrage of dystopian imagery, of snipers, tanks, and collapsing building over blistering and emotive vocals and metallic sounds.

Of the video for the third single from “Echoes of a Collapse”, frontman Zaid Khan said “when creating the concept for the video I wanted to portray the external conflicts plaguing our society, and depict how they are a reflection for the struggles within those of us suffering from mental illness, which is a theme that permeates A Regressive State, and the record as a whole.”

Watch the video below:

Shallow Waves is a fuzz-laden post-punk noise group with heavy psych influences. Their most recent effort displays a significant deviation from their initial iteration as an alternative, 60s garage rock act. This is the result of Shallow Waves taking note of the sounds expressed by contemporary bands like Metz, Idles, Girl Band, and Toronto’s underground psych scene to further their own sonic deviations. Shallow Waves forthcoming extended play Echoes of a Collapse marks this progression.

Echoes of a Collapse will be available everywhere through Green Witch Recordings.

In the meantime, find the A Regressive State here.

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