“To feel faint in our presence is not unusual.”  

The legacy of New-Wave has successfully birthed a pair of brothers to carry on the torch. Adored is emerging on the scene with a healthy dose of contemplation, art history, and intellectual prowess in their dreamy eponymous single.

Describing their sound as “Eighties film soundtrack,” the band delivers that sweet nostalgic tinge, echoing Tears For Fears, The Cure, Depeche Mode, and A Flock of Seagulls. As their cinematic soundscapes revolve around a single theme, Joan of Arc, one could add Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark to that roster; if not so much in sound, certainly in spirit. The Nichols brothers’ use of metaphor exploring themes of martyrdom, ritual, love, and want are laid delicately upon shimmering guitar scores and languid synths.

Lennon and Christian Nichols launched this endeavour in 2018.

“For two years we’ve quietly been churning away in both our Kansas and Texas studios to finish this first collection of songs,” explains guitarist/vocalist Christian, “and we felt the time was right to say ‘hello’…immediately upon it being written we knew Adored was the perfect track to introduce us to the rest of the world.”

Adored is currently in the studio working on a subsequent release.

The song opens with a daunting bass intro and materializes into a euphoric mid-tempo dance track. Swooning melodies act as a vessel for lyrics that draw allusion to biblical allegories, at times teetering on the line of blasphemy.

The video accompanying the single’s release was entirely directed, filmed, produced, and edited by the Nichols brothers. Lennon (bass/backing vocals/keys) served as art-director. He noted the uphill battle when faced with the necessity to create something out of nothing: “The state of the world really limited our resources for this video. I just wanted to approach it as professionally as I could without any previous knowledge of doing anything like this before. A lot of it was just making sure everything was as cohesive and clean as possible.”

Check out Adored’s debut track below:

Adored’s debut track is out now.

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