Using ethereal synth lines, intricate drum patterns, and haunting vocal layers, They/Live (aka Whitney Mower) constructs complex, dystopian scenes. In They/Live’s universe, a vulnerable female character finds power and offers hope…despite ominous future; despite past oppression.

“Another Body” is the lead single from They/Live’s upcoming EP, Violet Coda, and although it is an emotional rollercoaster, it beautifully weaves melancholy and pure euphoria together in ghostly perfection. The song starts off dreamy, delicate, and introspective, but midway through an energizing beat and sleek sonics kick in. The angelic voice brings simultaneous calm and urgency, as if a time traveling spectre has landed in our troubled present to lure us back onto the path of righteousness and peace – and we’d better do it fast.

“Last year I was looking for spiritual strength, as I think many of us were,” says Mower, “which I would sometimes find by writing music. I was also looking for physical release; I desperately missed dancing and being in crowds. I guess this hybrid track—half choral, half operatic rave—comes from those desires during that lonely, uncertain time…It’s about missing the city and grieving lost lovers. This vibrant sign of life amid the emotional mourning is an uplifting call to head out to the dance floor and lose yourself in the spirited music.”

Named after the 1988 John Carpenter sci-fi/action film, They/Live explores grief, longing, mourning the past, and finding powerful spiritual strength through a female perspective. Mower’s soaring, emotional vocals are pure homage to Kate Bush, Cocteau Twins, and even Enya, by way of The Knife, Juana Molina and Grimes.

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The Violet Coda EP will be released on November 5th vía Born Losers Records.

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