The early 2000s were an exciting time for post-punk. After a decade of overproduced synth pop masquerading as “industrial” , the revivalist movement was just blossoming, and bands like Interpol and The Stills were emerging with their brand of guitar-driven dark rock. Meanwhile, a new breed of mutants were gathering on the west coast, a veritable hotbed of activity that led to a more experimental, synth-driven scene. At the helm were The Vanishing, a San Francisco-based quartet who combined the fury of synth punk with the experimentation of no wave, heirs to the throne that bands like Malaria and Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons left nearly 20 years before, and peers in a vibrant scene that included bands such as Black Ice, The Phantom Limbs, and Sixteens. The Vanishing released two excellent LPs (2003’s Songs for Psychotic Children and 2004’s Still Lifes Are Falling), a string of split releases, and then subsequently…vanished themselves, leaving a tremendous hole in the hearts of those who saw the band blossom.

However, absence makes the heart grow fonder, as the band have just announced a reunion gig to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The band will reunite to perform on September 12th at the Near Dark Festival in Oakland, CA, a three day gathering of post-punk and anarcho bands. This year’s lineup also features performances by 1919, Hagar the Womb, Second Still, and Pink Turns Blue, who are soon embarking on their first US tour.

While it’s unclear whether The Vanishing will perform any other dates or record new material, we’re excited to see one of the most vibrant bands back on the scene, if but for one night only. Check below for some essential listening from the band, and be sure to catch them live this September!

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