The Los-Angeles based quartet, The Tissues, present their new video “Rear Window” in preparation for their new album Blue Film on January 9th. Members Kristine Nevrose (vocals), Jerry Narrows (guitar), Bianca Ayala (bass) and Tara Edwards (drums) are featured in the video as slaves of mundane normalcy (with menial tasks such as cracking open eggs, combing hair, pouring a cup of coffee before work) before they all fall into a trance and/or hysteria.

“Rear Window” is gritty and, with Nevrose’s raw vocals at the very center, is a unique take on the post-punk genre with their crazed breed of music.

The band’s style bridges genres, from a dark and hypnotic blend of Siouxsie and the Banshees to a commanding and anthemic energy reminiscent of Crass and X-Ray Spex. The Tissues’ DIY aesthetic seeps through the upcoming album with themes of rebellion, sexuality, and the condemnation of modern oppression.

Watch the video below:

You can purchase “Rear Window” here – the full LP, Blue Film, is out on January 9th.

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