Just in time for the new year, IAMTHESHADOW presents their first video for the brooding new song “Pitchblack“–the title track off their forthcoming album to be released in the first quarter of 2020.

“Pitchblack” is a pulsing and cinematic darkwave track permeating with cold intensity, heralding the tenebrous new record looming on the horizon.

The band describes the forthcoming new album thusly:

“Pitchblack is a percussive travel, a love manifest inside your bones and your blood. Every song and every note is filled with truth and darkness.

A mirror, a projection from soul to mind, a sequence of images that lead us to the acceptance of our true self, the acceptance of our true meaning, an unsurpassable depth reachable on every breath.”

About the song and video, they add, describing both as:

“Dark. It`s so lovely and so dark inside your soul. Our angels and our demons dancing together.

The images, such as the music that motivates and feeds them, breathe in a gloom where light appears here and there, and only by violently breaking our deepest fears, we can make it reach us.”

Watch the video below:

IAMTHESHADOW will release their new album in the Spring of 2020 on various formats such as CD, Digital and Vinyl through Cold Transmission Music.

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