[dropcap]G[/dropcap]ood news for those who love Adrian Borland’s legendary yet oft overlooked Post-Punk band The Sound. Following last years box set of earlier work—which included the albums, Jeopardy”, “From The Lion’s Mouth”, and “All Fall Down—a new comprehensive 5-CD box set of LPs the band recorded for Statik and PIAS between 1984 and 1987 has just been released.

Across five CDs in wallets in a clamshell box are Shock of Daylight, Heads & Hearts, In The Hothouse (Live), Thunder Up, and Propaganda, the four legend-enshrining LPs they recorded for Statik and PIAS between 1984 and 1987.

Put together with input from band members Mike Dudley and Graham Bailey as well as Adrian Borland’s father Bob, the box also contains a 36 page booklet with annotation by Tim Peacock of Record Collector, as well as the lyrics and ephemera.


You can order the boxset here:
URL : http://www.brittleheaven.com/merchandise.html


DISC ONE – Shock Of Daylight

  1. Golden Soldiers
  2. Longest Days
  3. Counting The Days
  4. Winter
  5. New Way Of Life
  6. Dreams Then Plans
    BONUS – Restless Songs and Golden Soldiers – The Lost Demo Recordings
  7. Golden Soldiers (demo)
  8. A New Way Of Life (demo)
  9. Counting The Days (demo)
  10. Mining For Heart (demo)
  11. Oiled (demo)
  12. Steel Your Air (demo)
  13. Fall Of Europe (demo)
  14. Love Is Not A Ghost (demo)
  15. Blood And Poison (demo)
  16. Whirlpool (demo)

DISC TWO – Heads And Hearts

  1. Whirpool
  2. Total Recall
  3. Under You
  4. Burning Part Of Me
  5. Love Is Not A Ghost
  6. Wildest Dreams
  7. One Thousand Reasons
  8. Restless Time
  9. Mining For Heart
  10. World As It Is
  11. Temperature Drop
    BONUS – B-Sides & Rare
  12. Blood And Poison
  13. Steel Your Air
  14. Oiled
  15. Shimmer

DISC THREE – In The Hot House (Live)

  1. Winning
  2. Under You
  3. Total Recall
  4. Skeletons
  5. Prove Me Wrong
  6. Wildest Dreams
  7. Burning Part Of Me
  8. Heartland
  9. Hothouse
  10. Judgement
  11. Counting The Days
  12. Red Paint
  13. Silent Air
  14. Sense Of Purpose
  15. Missiles

DISC FOUR – Thunder Up

  1. Acceleration Group
  2. Hand Of Love
  3. Barria Alta
  4. Kinetic
  5. Iron Years
  6. Prove Me Wrong
  7. Shot Up And Shut Down
  8. Web Of Wicked Ways
  9. I Give You Pain
  10. Hand Of Love
  11. You’ve Got A Way
    BONUS – B-Sides
  12. Iron Years (Remix)
  13. I Give You Pain (Live)
  14. Fall Of Europe
  15. Such A Difference To Me

DISC FIVE – Propaganda

  1. No Salvation
  2. Deep Breath
  3. Cost Of Living
  4. Quarter Past Two
  5. Night Vs. Day
  6. Physical World
  7. Statik
  8. Music Business
  9. Propaganda
  10. Words Fail Me
  11. One More Escape
  12. Missiles

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