Something is happening with former members of The Smiths. Three out of 5 of them in fact.

The rhythm section of Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke, have made a vaguebook tease of something planned for “Summer 2018”.

Curiously, the announcement states: “Rourke • Joyce • Gannon”. The latter name of the three referring to Craig Gannon, a former member of Aztec Camera who was enlisted to replace Andy Rourke on bass—but was later included as a second guitarist in the band’s touring lineup, such as featured below during the October 23rd 1986 gig at National Ballroom in Kilburn, London.

It’s interesting to note that the three former Smiths members of Andy Rourke, Mike Joyce, and Craig Gannon, also backed Morrissey’s debut solo performance at The Wolverhampton Civic Hall on December 22nd, 1988.

The three also appeared on the Morrissey’s singles “The Last of the Famous International Playboys” and “Interesting Drug.”


No word on what Morrissey or Marr think about this, or any other further details at this time. Mike Joyce is seemingly on the permanent outs with Morrissey, given the lawsuit over royalties that took place during the 90s.

Andy Rourke, however, remains on good terms with Johnny Marr, the two having been close since childhood. They have both have even shared the stage together performing “How Soon Is Now” back in 2013.



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