There is No Joy in our Division…

For your punful Holiday Post-Punk gift needs, artist Matthew Lineham has you covered!

In addition to Christmas ornaments and “Boo Wave” Halloween decorations, Lineham in now on his third year of releasing New-Wave and Post-Punk themed Valentine’s Day cards—the tear-away kind that children of the 80s so fondly grew up with—passing around to their class in elementary school.

The cards feature musicians like Robert Smith, Dave Gahan and Martin Gore from Depeche Mode, Siouxsie Siouxsie, Billy Idol, Bernard Sumner from New Order, and more!

Also included are Valentine’s Day packs dedicated to David Bowie and Twin Peaks (but alas…no Special Agent Philip Jeffries card…yet!)

See images from the Valentine’s Day card packs below:

New-Wave and Post-Punk Valentines:


New-Wave and Post-Punk Valentines Pack 2017:

New-Wave and Post-Punk Valentines Day Pack 2016:

David Bowie Valentines Packs:

Bowie Valentines Pack 2017:

Bowie Valentines Pack 2018:

Twin Peaks Valentines Pack:


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