The music video for The Cure’s hit single “Just Like Heaven” was filmed in England’s Pinewood Studios, and shot on location on the cliffs of Beachy Head. in October of 1987. The video was directed by Tim Pope, who had directed all of the band’s previous videos starting with “Let’s Go to Bed”.

The first 18½ minutes of footage is an interview with Robert Smith, in which he talks about working with his wife, Mary, who he asserts (despite there being the video for Charlotte Sometimes) “can honestly lay claim to being the only featured female in any Cure video, ever”—and the rest is a behind the scenes of the band actually filming the video.

The single for Just Like Heaven came out on October 5th, 1987, and showcases several different b-sides on various formats, including “Snow in Summer”, “Breathe”, “Sugar Girl”, and “A Chain of Flowers”.


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