In search of a delicious icy treat these dog days of August? The Loving Belly has you covered with a frosty tribute to The Sisters of Mercy.

Afterhours Heatwave Popsicles were inspired by the origin story of the song, shared in Trevor Ristow’s Sisters of Mercy band biography, Waiting For Another War.

These delectable treats, made with beetroot, strawberries, oranges, fresh ginger, cayenne pepper, and balsamic vinegar, resemble the blood popsicles from Only Lovers Left Alive. The popsicles have electric blue popsicle sticks, intended for harmony with the electric blue album art on the cover of the Body and Soul EP. They were photographed on a sheet of frozen ice that was cracked to look like a mirror, referencing the lyrics.

Afterhours is one of my favorite Sisters of Mercy songs, and I was happy that Trevor Ristow’s book gave me inspiration to honor the song with food. According to Trevor’s book, Andy didn’t eat much back then, but I thought he could have managed a popsicle…Afterhours was written in the midst of a heatwave in the early 1980s while Andrew Eldritch was in New York City for the New Music Seminar, and the song immortalized a druggy night that he spent with Patricia Morrison. It was one of my favorite parts of the book.”

You can get The Loving Belly’s recipe for her Afterhours Heatwave Popsicles and read her book review, which includes more on Andrew Eldritch’s New York City heatwave trip, here.


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