A chance meeting: two brothers and one stranger. The result? Experimental electro-shoegaze band The Final Sound.  This outfit, comprised of Diego Vilche (vox/bass), Pablo Zauzich (drums) and Gonzalo Zauzich (guitars/synths) skilfully melds modern alt-rock with synth-y 80’s vibes, most recently culminating in their second album, Dimensions.
Right off the bat, their guitar-infused, echoing sound calls to mind the lush compositions of The Chameleons and Big Country.  Shapes and Shadows is accompanied by a dreamy beach at sunset video, gorgeously directed by Lester Platt. Vilche’s strong vocals quaver with emotion, dipping at times into Ian Curtis territory, other times straight into the realm of the shadows.

The brothers Zauzich, formerly in the band Fragile, wanted to create music that reflected their eclectic tastes in the full gamut of 80s offerings: the plaintive, sombre cries of goth; the anthemic themes of stadium rock driven by determined percussion.

The Final Sound played live at Boston’s Dark Spring Festival in July of this year, which was captured here:

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