On November 2nd, 1979 The Damned released their third studio album “Machine Gun Etiquette”.

Following their previous LP’s Damned, Damned Damned, and Music for Pleasure which helped defined punk, and became part of the soundtrack of the summer of hate (1977), the record was the first one without founding guitarist Brian James Yet despite his departure for The Lords of the New Church, Machine Gun Etiquette was an extremely successful album that helped define the post-punk genre.

Featuring a reformed lineup a new lineup of Dave Vanian on vocals, Captain Sensible switching to lead guitar, Rat Scabies on drums and new member Algy Ward of The Saints on bass guitar, Machine Gun Etiquette, can be considered one of the band’s most definitive records, with trademark songs like ‘Love Song’, ‘Smash it Up’, ‘Melody Lee’, ‘Plan 9, Channel 7’, and ‘I Just Can’t Be Happy Today’.

Machine Gun Etiquette’s multi-layered songs incorporate ideas from a variety of movements and musical styles and then place them over simple and complex deliveries. Much wider in its perspective than The Damned’s first two releases, Machine Gun Etiquette marks a defining moment in the evolution of underground music. It delivers a pleasurable listening experience that furthers one’s appreciation of this deep, excellent, and genre-defying band.

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