One of the best new artists to emerge from the maelstrom of 2019 is dark post-punk act Secret Shame, who in the aftermath of an epic week-long Halloween which saw the band covering “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and more during a  20min set of Joy Division covers during a local Halloween benefit show.

Today the North Carolina band have unveiled a remix for one of the lead tracks from their fantastic debut LP Dark Synthetics.

Given that Secret Shame are a guitar-driven band, this new remix of “Calm” is both surprising and treat to the ear, with its seductive synths easing slowly into Lena’s powerful vocals infusing the song with a new vulnerability that almost borders on hedonistic resignation given the lyrical intensity of the track.

Listen below to the XOR Remix of “Calm” below:

XOR is the ever-evolving solo project of Secret Shame bassist, Matthew. While he has released music under XOR for only the past year, the project has spanned over a decade, frequently changing names but always under the umbrella of ‘electronic’ music, which is less a genre than means to an end. In its current incarnation, XOR blends the driving and ethereal sounds of darkwave synthesizers with hip-hop and industrial drum beats and the occasional indie/punk/dance sample digested beyond recognition.

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