As we all breathlessly await the long-promised new Cure album, Robert Smith performs in a new collaboration with Damon Albarn’s group Gorillaz for the ongoing Song Machine series, launched in January. The animated music video for “Strange Timez” and audio of Smith’s own Aurora Remix of the song, which also features Smith on guitar and keyboards, launched today. The catchy vignette features the Gorillaz characters taking a Winnebago jaunt through space, with the moon sprouting the unmistakeable mug of Robert Smith.

Gorillaz plans to unfurl ten individual tracks with various guest stars through October 2020 for an upcoming album called Strange Timez, due out 23 October on multiple formats.

Contributors have included Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order), the late drummer Tony Allen (Fela Kuti), Skepta, Schoolboy Q and Octavian. The full album also will include appearances by Beck, St. Vincent, and Elton John.


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You can also pre-order the album on the Gorillaz official site here.

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