The Cure’s setlist tonight for the second of 3 special Christmas shows was once again a 30th anniversary celebration of The Top—as apparently referenced by the t-shirts at the merchandise table.  There were rumors that each night would be focused on a different album—ala the Reflections shows, this time featuring Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, and Head on The Door, as well as The Top—but this was not the case.

However, despite this, the Head on the Door classic track “Push”, was added to the setlist tonight, along with “Inbetween Days”, even though both are commonly played track (It would have been nice to hear “The Blood”, but perhaps that glass of communion wine would be in poor taste, given it’s Christmas time and all.)  Also added, during the “Happy Side of Disintegration” encore, was the classic single “Fascination Street”.  Missing from the set tonight in comparison to the prior evening was “Before 3”, “High”, and “Let’s Go To bed”.  Full setlist below.

Setlist (Thanks Craig at Chain of Flowers): Shake Dog Shake, Piggy in the Mirror, A Night Like This, Push, Inbetween Days, Just Like Heaven, Bananafishbones, The Caterpillar, The Walk, A Man Inside My Mouth, Wailing Wall, Three Imaginary Boys, Never Enough, Wrong Number, Birdmad Girl, Lovesong, Like Cockatoos, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Kyoto Song, alt.end, Want, The Hungry Ghost, One Hundred Years, Give Me It, The Top

1st encore: The Empty World, Charlotte Sometimes, Primary
2nd encore:  M, Play for Today, A Forest

Robert: “It used to be easy to decide what to play. People would ask for that dripdripdrip song” Plays intro of 10:15…”Maybe later” “This is a Disintegration-type encore – but the happy side of Disintegration. What do you mean ‘boo’? Look behind you!”

3rd encore: Pictures of You, Lullaby, Fascination Street,

Robert: “Reeves has agreed to pay the curfew fine tonight”

4th encore: Dressing Up, The Lovecats, Close to Me, Why Can’t I Be You?, Boys Don’t Cry, Hey You

@CraigatCoF got the setlist will send better picks later

— Snuffybear (@Snuffybear) December 22, 2014



Wailing Wall

A Night Like This (Reeves Gabrels epic solo)

Hey You!

Just Like Heaven

A Man Inside My Mouth

Kyoto Song

The Top

Pictures of You



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