Los Angeles based musician J. De Sosa presents a new selection of brutalizing rhythmic noise and punk techno: Burning Idols, out today on Pearsoll Peak. The new album features thrashing percussion, caustic waves of noise, melancholic synth lines and distorted vocal sounds.

Combining the gothic nightmares of EBM with the bonecrushing feeling of power electronics, Burning Idols rips across the sonic landscape at breakneck pace. From the gakked-out pummeling of Mokelumne Hill to the moody comedown of Burning Idols, De Sosa masterfully combines punk aesthetics with contemporary electronics in the vein of Silent Servant, Esplendor Geometrico, DJ Speedsick, British Murder Boys, Container, and Broken English Club.

Over the past several years, J. De Sosa has emerged as a mainstay of the Southern California noise and industrial scene. As the vocalist of raucous Los Angeles hardcore band Body Fluid, his work finely balances hardcore ethos with elegant European rave malaise. On his first release under the moniker Saint Nansen, he explored industrial grinding and power electronics. De Sosa later churned out several tapes under his own name, unleashing pummeling rhythmic noise and frenzied punk-influenced techno for labels such as Strange Rules, Summer Isle, and Vaagner.

Burning Idols is available for purchase via Pearsoll Peak on a limited edition of 30 cassettes and digital download.

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