Following her recent appearance at SXSW in Austin, singer/songwriter Thayer Sarrano has premiered her video for “The Eternal”, a song conjuring the early 90s  occult shoegaze moments permeating with the smell of Nag Champa and clove cigarettes set to the soft vocal timbre of singers like Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star.

The ritualistic nature of The Eternal is no coincidence, as it was composed by Sarrano in the wake of a close friend’s passing.

Thayer explains that the track is about “how we are all eternal beings, so we don’t die,”, elaborating:

“It was healing to me to think about time not being linear and the idea that music, you know is this transcendent thing beyond the body that makes it. We are made of light and our work stays in the light because it is of it even when our body goes out. Singing to those gone to soon, but the song is about life.”

On the video’s production, Thayer continues:

“I am glad that in [director] Natalie Neal’s video, I get to be a soundtrack to a natural world that is also supernatural, with prism lighting and colored landscapes, because it feels like the place where it came from– that place of eternal/love.”

Watch the video below:

“The Eternal” is the second single off of Thayer Sarrano’s new album Wings Alleluia which is set for release on March 29, 2019 via The Guildwater Group.

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*Featured photo by Alysse Gafkjen

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