Bristol based darkwave act New Haunts, the solo project of electronic music artist Alice Sheridan, has revealed the sci-fi synth encoded track “Escape”.

The track is one of two upcoming singles which will be included on Sheridan’s second LP, expected for release in Autumn 2019.

On writing “Escape”, Sheridan explains:

“This song came into existence purely to facilitate my own escapism during a time when life felt very physically and mentally limiting. For various reasons I had to spend a lot of time cooped up on my own last summer, and I’m someone who gets cabin fever after a day so I was crawling up the walls. In order to preserve my own sanity I figured that I wouldn’t write something sombre or disconcerting for once – I wanted to write something dream-like and freeing; an escape-route away from everything. I hope it takes the listener there too.”

“Escape” was produced by Kindest Cuts, with all lyrics and music written and performed by Alice Sheridan.

Listen below:

Alice Sheridan began performing as New Haunts in the spring of 2017; writing and recording original material inspired by her passion for various dark sub-genres, and with a refusal to leave any of their influences exempt from her work.

New Haunts’ debut full-length album Worlds Left Behind was self-released in 2018, following the release of her first single “Reactions” which featured on the catwalk in New York Fashion Week.

For more music from New Haunts, check out the project’s Bandcamp.

Photos and artwork by Katie Murt Photography

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