Texas Shoegaze band Letting Up Despite Great Faults debut “Gemini”,  their first single in over 7 years. Along with the announcement of the new song is the news that they are gearing up to release their new album IV—slated for next year and mastered by Simon Scott from Slowdive.

The new single “Gemini” orbits the concept of “Forever”. Like twin stars that meet in the vast sky, the great friendships and loves in our lives can represent an expansive part of our daily lives, yet we can often take them for granted, and forget how nearly impossible it is to find our eternal twin, or anyone for that matter that we can sync up with forever.

Sonically, “Gemini” is a cosmic daydream, with the resonate and melancholy bliss of all the classic, beautiful noises shimmering from every footstep that emanates from a pedalboard. Vocal whispers amongst the chaos quiver like an interstellar reverie, likening the song to tracks created over thirty years ago, whose spectrum of light has finally reached earth.

Listen to “Gemini” below:

Letting Up Despite Great Faults features Mike Lee on vocals, guitars, and programming, Kent Zambrana on bass, Annah Fisette on vocals and guitars, and Daniel Schmidt on drums. The forthcoming new album IV is set to be their first full length in 8 years and explores passionate narratives of growth, nurture, loss, and regret.

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