The ongoing joke is that by now we ought to be zipping around in flying cars, eating nutrition pills and wearing a lot of silver lamé. Instead, we brace ourselves for the karmic retribution from Mother Nature herself, cower in terror from the damage a microscopic virus can do to the human body, and cover our ears from the 24 hour news cycle.

Multimedia art-rock project Telesonic 9000 weaves together energetic music to produce a unique brand of retrofuturism, channeling a lost era of progress and optimism towards the future which never arrived. Taking a cue from the creative explorations of New Wave and early electro-pop, Telesonic 9000’s sound embodies a driving rhythm section, Mellotron textures, and sleek electronic flourishes. Combining pulsating beeps and rhythms, spoken word samples, and synths evoking the dawn of the computer era, Telesonic 9000 collages techno beats and sentiments surrounding vintage technology.

The concept is brought to life in an immersive live show, blending dynamic music with video projections synchronized in realtime. A kinetic collage of postwar film clips accompanies each song. Dense with “future-is-now” sensibility, the final product is a distinct style of music-film that sounds new, looks old, and feels like the future we hoped would arrive.

“The idea was to make a song that conveys the nature of our information age, which is simultaneously exciting and overwhelming,” says Dominick Gray, American drummer/producer and the mastermind behind the project. “The digital revolution, for all its wow factor, has turned communication into a superhighway of static noise.”

Formed in Berlin, Telesonic 9000 began as a solo show interplaying video projections with live drumming. The “Telesonic Film Concert” was performed and refined to unsuspecting audiences in clubs and art spaces around the globe, culminating in the release of the 50-minute long album/film Progress in 2019. Following tours of Europe and Japan, Dominick returned to the US in late 2019, expanding the project into a full band for live shows. Telesonic 9000 is currently based in the US.

“I wanted to mix the experiences of going to a concert and cinema at the same time,” Dom says regarding the idea behind Telesonic 9000. “You can have the energy and emotion of what are normally separate experiences joined into one.”

Telesonic 9000’s upcoming EP Modern World is inspired by the early computer revolution, and looks at life and times in our techno-society.

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