German Duo SEASURFER lower their sails and let themselves get carried on the currents of childhood nostalgia with their single release of “Drifting”, a track originally released on their third studio album Zombies (which was recently issued on black vinyl).

The new version of the song is a captivating reverie, still maintaining the shadowed beauty of the original yet soaring with emotional intensity and aural elegance, perhaps changing the tone from wistful melancholia to a deeper and passionate celebration of memories drifting away as time marches on.

On the new version of the song, Seasurfer’s Dirk Knight explains:

“For me, ‘Drifting’ is the song with the coolest bass of the whole album Zombies. For the first time, I recorded all the basses by myself and learned to love playing this instrument. Basses are extremely important to us and determine the harmonies and melodies, similar to how Simon Gallup (The Cure), Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order), and Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins) are doing it. For the single and the extended mix, we let the drums run straight through to make the song even more mesmerizing.”

The video takes hold of its inherent medium, and drifts backward through space and time to the early eighties and singer Apolonia’s childhood days. The clip is lovingly dedicated to her mother Marion Maerz, who was the same age in the video as she is now. “My mother being a singer herself, always travelled around the world with me. I had a very adventurous childhood.”

Watch the video for “Drifting” below:

Besides the inclusion of the previously unreleased track “Ghost Children” three stunning new versions of the “Drifting” accompanying the single release, including remixes by the Spanish Dreamwave duo STEREOSKOP, the Russian shoegaze band LIFE ON VENUS, and the French electro artist GIIRLS.

Listen below

Seasurfer’s “Drifting” is out now. through Reptile Music.

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