Montreal-based post-punk quintet Talleen channel Public Image Limited with their blistering new single, “Economics”.

 “We wanted to reflect how our society can sometimes be shrouded in mystery and symbolism, money being the driving force behind the illusion,” says drummer Alex Crow. Singer Alex Petersen’s sneering vocal stylings weave a bleak tale of unfettered capitalism, reminiscent of John Lydon’s classic 1970’s releases. The lyrics are bolstered by bassist Mike Rodgers’ grinding rhythms.

“Economics” comes on the heels of their debut EP, The Black Sea. Talleen formed in 2015, releasing their first recordings online the following year. Talleen has been building a following since 2017 with high-energy live shows, opening for bands like Idles, Temples, Odonis Odonis, and Viagra Boys. In late 2019 Talleen started working on a follow-up EP, but when COVID hit, recording plans and live shows were put on hold. With the live music industry tentatively showing signs of life once again (fingers and toes crossed), the band is excited to get out on the road to support their new music and reach new fans.

“Talleen will hold you in its island arms and have you dream a dream of post-industrial dispossession and despair,” says the band.

Economics defies genre in its catchiness and sound, but, in the vein of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl, the song’s blistering poetry is on full display here. “If we didn’t have to end the song, I’d still be playing it. It’s that pleasant,” says guitarist Alex Brianson.

Talleen’s performance is shrouded in mystery with this retro-flavoured, raw experimental video, directed by Alex Ortiz (We Are Wolves). Its simplicity highlights the message of money being the root of society’s decline and fall.

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