New York native Andrew Gregory spent years playing in bands and working as an audio engineer in NYC before embarking on his first solo undertaking, Orange Gold Red. Begun in order to work beyond the confines of group composition, fate intervened when Andrew met his long-lost cousin Kate Copeland. They immediately reconnected over their passion for music, and their second meeting was a visit to the studio to collaborate on what would become Orange Gold Red.

Orange Gold Red features meticulously drafted lyrics and warm vocal performances by Andrew and Kate. The songs draw inspiration from Andrew’s deeply personal experiences, vulnerable thoughts, and fears. Round Out grapples with the themes of hunger and leaving the comfort of nostalgia. Andrew’s production features electric guitar, field recordings, dusty drum machines, and a growing collection of vintage synthesizers. The project showcases his background in both acoustic and electronic music, including analog synthesizer programming and Max/MSP.

Kate grew up singing backup vocals for her father’s folk band and later studied music composition at the conservatory. She boasts two full-length albums, and most recently ASCAP declared her the winner of the prestigious Robert Allen Award.

Andrew relocated to Los Angeles to get his Ph.D. in social psychology, with Kate shortly behind. Andrew is now in the process of composing an Orange Gold Red full-length.

“Round Out is about hunger and the lust for life in the face of growing up. I wrote this song about leaving what is comfortable and choosing to enter into relationships even though they are uncomfortable or intimidating. I tried to capture how our differences can be frightening but beautiful and exciting at the same time. The production features field recordings from LA beaches, old vinyl samples, and a growing collection of vintage synthesizers.”

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