“It’s Rococo Friday, didn’t you get the memo?”

Upstate New York synth-pop duo Architrave debut their hilarious new video for “Lorem Ipsum,” a clever modern-day operetta from their forthcoming third album. The lyrics weave an elaborate joke built upon website-formatting gibberish and formal Latin. (In the design world, the phrase lorem ipsum is a placeholder block of text based on De finibus bonorum et malorum, a Latin text written by Cicero in 45 BC.)

In the video, we find Jennifer Maher Coleman and Paul Coleman participating in a themed-dress day at their workplace, and the technical frustrations that lead to violence….and a spirited, bizarre homage to Office Space, Falco, and Adam Ant.

The video, loaded with layers of visual puns and melodrama, blends wildly disparate musical genres: the sonic riches span 18th century classical, psych-rock, hip-hop, and shoegaze. It wouldn’t be out of place in that long-ago Time-Life “Pure Moods” compilation, yet is contemporary and danceable, so powder those wigs and take in those brocade waistcoats. The track has elements of Phantogram, Cocteau Twins, Zola Jesus, and Ladytron…with a heaping dollop of the irreverent absurdism of fellow operatic time benders Klaus Nomi and Goth Song chanteur Joseph Keckler.

“As the juxtaposition of website text with actual Latin from the Lacrimosa movement of the Mozart Requiem came together for the song, the idea for a clash of office culture and 18th century fanciness for the video became irresistible,” says vocalist Jennifer Maher Coleman.

Watch the video, directed by Eric-Jon Tasker and Jennifer Maher Coleman, below:

Vocalist and producer Jennifer Maher Coleman characterizes their music as “informed by present-day anxieties and often inspired by science fiction.” A longtime house and techno DJ, she cites Giorgio Moroder’s synthesizer masterpiece “I Feel Love” as one of her most significant early influences. Guitarist/Bassist Paul Coleman’s own catalogue ranges from indie rock to experimental noise projects.

Architrave will be playing in Brooklyn on September 10 at the new Main Drag Music performance space, along with Winkie, Lacey Spacecake and Cuneiform.

Tour Dates:

  • 8/8/2022 – El Dorado Bar – Troy, NY with The Mall, Blood Blood Blood and Unknown Liberty
  • 9/10/2022 – Main Drag Venue – Brooklyn, NY with Lacey Spacecake, Winkie, Cuneiform
  • 9/30-10/2 – Bacchanalia Fest – Troy, NY Exact date/lineup forthcoming

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