Australian synthpop band 100% announce a new video for their effervescent track “No Cure For Love.” Paying homage to Bananarama, The Go-Gos, and Siouxsie with their sound, Lena Molnar, Grace Stevenson, and Chloe Blackwood weave together a catchy melody.

“No Cure For Love” is a celebration of the love and friendship the band has for each other, “with an added side plate of complete cheese!” they joke.

“The lyrics draw inspiration from those addictive moments in love, that seem to stop time, to provide peace, or create chaos,” says Lena. “Listening to my friends’ stories and thinking about what we offer each other, I am often reminded of the ways love can bring both joy and pain. The song touches on these ideas, but the power of love is its own balm. There is no cure!”

Although the sound of the track is slightly darker than their usual style, it is juxtaposed with a playful video, filmed by Charlie Hillhouse on Gubbi Gubbi Land.

The video celebrates the coming together of all three members after years without face-to-face interactions, reacting to the fun and joy of spending a day together and offering each other care. The video is a combination of ideas from all members, featuring custom-made swimwear by Soft Cut. Edited by band member Grace Stevenson, the video highlights some of her local favourite scenery in the Sunshine Coast.

The clip for “No Cure For Love” has an innocent, dream-like quality, making the song’s message all the more intimate for the viewer.

Watch below:

“No Cure For Love” is featured on 100%’s new album, Clear Visions, out August 26, digitally and on limited edition transparent teal vinyl.

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