For the last two decades, Land of Pure’s unique brand of alternative rock offers an eclectic sound, inspired by lived experiences in numerous countries around the world. The Swiss band, which formed in 2002, has released their brand new single, “Moonlight”, a driving song that revives the spirit of the 80s: riff-based, spherical guitars and wavy melodies, with traces of folk cadences woven in over and under a classic post-punk bassline.

The wistful track evokes the particular feelings of melancholy, confusion, and excitement experienced when living as a stranger far away from home. It’s a hard-hitting sound, rife with emotion and wavering into nostalgia.

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Consisting of Aaron (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Adrian (keyboards), Ismail (bass), Janine (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Markus (guitar), and Patrick (drums), the collective has a distinctive sound reminiscent of The Damned and The Chameleons. The music in the previous album Everything We Don’t Know spans many years, capturing a life full of travel and discovery. Maintaining this adventurous spirit,  “Moonlight” is an excellent harbinger of what’s to come, being the first of four singles that the band will release by the summer of 2022.

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