Every year feels so much shorter
Every day is darker than the last
No one makes good movies anymore
And hell is other people.

Kansas City electronic darkwave outfit Redder Moon have released a captivating new LP laden with analogue synths, dark dance beats, and hypnotic vocals that evade time and transcend genres. The album is called Hell Is Other People, a masterpiece of ambient dreams flowing with dark post-punk twists.

The slow, moody tempo serves a melancholy mood steeped in cynicism…the result of life in the 2020s. (“We’re like dominoes in slow motion” and “…wasn’t he into those filtered internet girls?”)
Isolated in their home recording rooms, the trio of Jeremiah James Gonzales, Brody Lowe, and Jill McKeever sent digital audio tracks back and forth, finding a crazed workflow of creative refugee and catharsis. “The moon becomes more red on the lunar eclipse, and this inspires our living soundtrack,” says the band. Opening with the eerie chants of “Cry Wolf”, the album slithers into the acerbic title track, a moody synth-laden number made for aggressive driving.  Jill happened to track the vocals during the insurrection on Jan 6th, and this Sartre quote became the title of the finished album.
It Should Have Been A Sign” is a gloriously-sung lamentation, McKeever’s voice reaching somewhere in the realm of Debbie Harry.
Dominoes In Slow Motion” opens with a synth reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti’s work for Twin Peaks, with McKeever channeling the ethereal Julee Cruise. “Internet Girls” kicks up the tempo, railing against the vapidity of Instagram thirst traps.
Elena” keeps it going with a lurching dance beat, slowing down even further to a sleepy atmospheric lullaby with “If The Mountain Doesn’t Want You”. The album closes out with the soporific, philosophical “An Apology”,

Watch the road trip video for “Hell Is Other People,” directed by Jill McKeever, below. The clip is a gorgeously filmed sequence of moments in various forms of travel, the slow cinematography illustrating isolated travel (and items being shipped to those locked down by rail).

You can stream the album below here:

Redder Moon will be celebrating the vinyl release of their full-length album “Hell is Other People” at recordBar, on March 18th. Also performing that night is Monta at Odds.

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