Swiss coldwave outfit Future Faces have unveiled their video for”Enter Life”, a track featuring Australian synth producer, Mark Dwyer, the mastermind behind popular Darkwave act Buzz Kull.

“Enter Life” is an introduction to Future Faces new horizon of deeply romantic melodies which include a more darkwave and synth-driven mood permeating the band’s mesmerizing full-length debut album Euphoria.

On the hauntingly seductive video for “Enter Life”, Future Faces explain:

“We’ve made a simple production, but it’s taken from the old archived footage of The Other Side Of The Wind from Orson Welles, the director’s Cursed, final film he never released. Actually, you can find a documentary on the film made by Netflix in 2018 produced by Peter Bogdanovich. We thought that the intensity on this video is a good representation of Enter Life’s ambiance–a kind of sexual energy without any images of sex. Everything happens in the eyes.”

Watch below:

Two years in the making, Euphoria marks the full-length debut from Swiss post-punk/coldwave outfit FUTURE FACES. Written by Alex M. (H E X, Equus), Matt B. (Elizabeth, Capital Youth), and Eduardo G. (Equus), each of these eight songs has its own unique character, seamlessly blending lush guitars and synths layers over tracks ranging from ethereal soundscapes to more upbeat tracks. Wrapped in a dream, “Euphoria” is a deeply enriched departure from the stark monochromatic grey vibes of Future Faces  2017’s EP Revolt. The album feels like if in a parallel universe, Dead Can Dance were to dive deeper the world of synthesizers and guitar-laden effects instead of the old world’s rustic instruments.

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Future Faces upcoming shows:

  • – 21st April 2021 – Kalvingrad, Usine / Geneva  – Release Party + MOTORAMA (RU)
  • – 22nd April 2021 – Bogen F / Zürich – EUPHORIA swiss tour + MOTORAMA (RU)
  • – 23rd April 2021 – TBC – EUPHORIA swiss tour
  • – 24 April 2021 – TBC – EUPHORIA swiss tour

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