Swiss American post-punk duo Crying Vessel have revealed the video for their new single “The Abyss“, a song from their forthcoming second studio album Pleasures For The Wicked.

With resonate guitars and soft crooning vocals, Crying Vessel heralds the release of their newest album by bravely gazing into depths of our collective subconscious, probing the nostalgia of 80s sci-fi with their haunting video for “The Abyss, a track which finds songwriter and vocalist, Slade, along with Basil, finding themselves transported to a parallel universe after uncovering ancient stone relics of an alien origin hidden deep on a forest path.

Watch the video for “The Abyss” below:

“The Abyss” is taken from Crying Vessel’s forthcoming sophomore album Pleasures For The Wicked,  a record that took 2 years to create, and is the first time that Slade and Basil worked together directly playing their instrumental roles in the songwriting.

The sprawling 15 track LP is a concept record built around being stuck between life and death, in a dark home of secrets and regrets. The songs are sometimes seamless and tie into one another to tell a greater narrative. This is reflected in the album’s cover artwork, In the where each element has its purpose, embracing symbolism like paintings of the renaissance era.

For example, the ghostly woman in the background represents multiple roles, such as a strong reflection of the past and also as the shade of Lilith—ready to spirit the listener away with each song whose title tells a small part of a larger story hidden within the record.

Pleasures For The Wicked is set to arrive on August 14th through Cleopatra Records.

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