Swedish Synthpop artist Molly Nilsson has unveiled her video for ‘Absolute Power” a track from her forthcoming tenth studio album Extreme.

With her first new music since 2018’s Twenty Twenty, “Absolute Power” is a guitar-driven track with kinetic kick beats, overlaid with Nillson’s classic chorus vocals. This creates a dreamlike effect that is both a calming and energetic workout anthem, altogether igniting an inner fire to take on the entire universe.

 “It’s me vs. the black hole at the center of the galaxy,” Nillson sings while shadowboxing on a rooftop, with braids that create a passing resemblance to Cammy from Super Streetfighter II. “Who we are vs. who we’d like to be/ Get ready for the fight of the century.”

Watch the video below:

Molly Nilsson’s Extreme is out January 15th, 2022 via Dark Skies Association/Night School.

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