Swedish Post-Punk act A Projection following their signing to Metropolis Records are debuting their new video for “Something Whole”, a track featured on their forthcoming third studio album Section.

Founded in 2013 in Stockholm, A Projection had to reinvent themselves after their first two releases, “Exit” (2015) and “Framework” (2017), after the departure of the original singer Isak Erikson.

Now, taking the helm on vocals is bass player Rikard Tengvall, who stylistically maintains the old-school post-punk tone previously established on the band’s first two records.

Watch the band with eyes obscured by black tape—launch into one of their best songs yet in the fog-laden and strobed video for the first single off of Section—“Something Whole”, below:

“The song is about the search for a deeper meaning in a stressful world”

Forging ahead after a barrage of challenges assailed the Stockholm band, A Projection have grown and developed as a band, and it shines through in the dark and dynamic range of New Wave, Post-Punk, Gothic and Indie Rock recorded, mixed and mastered at Redmount Studio.for the 11 songs selected for Section.

Together with the new label partner Metropolis Records they quickly agreed on “Something Whole” as an outstanding, yet trendsetting first single, and so do we.

Section is out on October 25th.

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