Hamburg No-wave surrealists Noseholes have revived that particular brand of late 70s NYC art-punk angst in their recently released second LP Ant And End.

And to that end, the band continue to promote the record with their bizarre video for “Snowsuit Ranger”, a song whose sound and vision contain all the whiz, bang, and clang weirdness of the works of DEVO and The Residents.

Watch the video, which is nuttier than a plate of peanut butter and banana pancakes, below:

After their Debut EP in 2017, Noseholes first full-length album Danger Dance was issued in early 2018 by Harbinger Sound and ChuChu Records.

The band’s second album, Ant And End, brimming with 9 madcap tracks smeared like jam across spacetime, sonically represents the soundtracks to several locals including discos/casinos/radio stations/private households as well as public places.

Pick up the album now via ChuChu Records here.

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