Then Comes Silence frontman Alex Svenson, under the guise of Neonpocalypse, has unveiled the video for Broken Circles”, a track on his recently released solo debut EP Ish.

The release follows the massive 4 EP covers project from the long-running Stockholm-based post-punk band, Then Comes Silence, and the news that the group will release their sixth album Hunger later in 2022.

As prolific as Svensen is with his band, Neonpocalypse fulfills a personal as much as a musical need:

“I needed to fix my mind on something else. The band takes up a lot of my time, and this is just a side project to find a new input… and a new output.”

While the project as a whole takes influence from synth luminaries such as Suicide, Soft Cell, and Fad Gadget, on “Broken Circles”, Svenson brings to mind early Simple Minds or the 80s avant-garde master John Foxx. This old-school sound is achieved not only by the utilization of spellbinding analogue synths that shimmer around a captivating bassline and melody, but also from Svenson’s mesmerizing velvety croon, that captures a mood that would remain unbroken if the song were to follow anything on Foxx’s Metamatic, or The Garden.

Watch the video for “Broken Circles”, directed by Damon Zurawski, below:

-Ish is out now via digital platforms with an accompanying limited-edition CD release available through the Swiss Dark Nights label. The EP features two remixes, with one being a pulsing dance-driven version of “Broken Circles” via Italian Darkwave Trio Ash Code.

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