Sydney’s Australia’s synth maestro Buzz Kull is proving himself a formidable force in darkwave and underground electronic music. The young producer has been demonstrating his own brand of sonic transfiguration by turning even the most stoic audience members at each concert venue into communal participants in an active club event—leaving them no choice but to dance.

Now, a year following his sophomore full-length album New Kind of Cross, a record which saw two European tours booked into support, Buzz Kull is back with his new single “Last in the Club”.

Some nights you out you never want to end, where dancing is an addiction fed through, for example, those particular European club nights that last until the iridescent morning light hits the haze emanating from the fog machines.

While many have gone home, either alone, with friends, or something they picked up during the course of the night, some linger in their sweat-laden loneliness to be the last in the club.

In this track, Buzz Kull’s Marc Dwyer deftly captures this aspect of how nighttime club culture feels through the bass-driven sounds pulsing through the ears of a bleary-eyed loner, drenched in sweat from a marathon night of dancing.

Listen Below:

“Last in the Club” evokes such a common feeling to anyone who has even once experienced the fuzzy dizziness of dancing alone until daybreak—anxiously anticipating the “walk of shame” to follow via awkward conversations with a taxi or Uber Driver, or stares on public transit. So common, that even Angus Andrew from Liars felt like he could relate, and has contributed a remix of the track as a B-side—infusing even more disorientation into the mix.

“Last In The Club” is out November 8th as digital single only. For those into physical mediums, anticipate Marc Dwyer’s next 12″ vinyl maxi-single out February 2020.

Meanwhile, catch Buzz Kull live on his upcoming European tour!

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Tour Dates:

  • 27.10 – BERLIN – URBAN SPREE
  • 02.11 – MUNICH – FEIERWERK
  • 04.11 – BIENNE – LE BOURG
  • 06.11 – GENEVE – LA MAKHO
  • 07.11 – CLEMONT FERRAND – 101

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