Italian synthwave artist Confrontational is giving all the energetic 80s infused aural stimulation to prepare for the big tournament with another collaboration synth virtuoso and composer Cody Carpenter​, son of famed director John Carpenter.

The new cover track of The Cars’ “Stranger Eyes” is just begging to be cut along with some sort of sweat and spandex laden training montage, and this makes sense, as the song was used in the theatrical trailer of the 1986 film Top Gun, but unlike Kenny Loggins’ “Dangerzone”, never made it onto the official soundtrack.

On recording the track, maestro Massimo Usai explains:

“I started the sessions for UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS in October 2018 and the tracklist took a while to materialize, but STRANGER EYES was one of the very first first tracks chosen for the project as THE CARS have had a huge influence on my songwriting.

Cody is also an admirer of their work so I immediately thought of getting him involved, but it wasn’t until September 14, 2019 that I was finally able to send him my version of the song. We were both incredibly stunned when, the very day after, news broke of Ric Ocasek’s passing.

So, naturally, this is dedicated to the memory of Ric and Benjamin Orr, keeping surviving members Elliot Easton, David Robinson and Greg Hawkes in our minds.

THE CARS changed the course of modern music and my gratitude for what they accomplished together and shared with all of us is endless.

Listen to Confrontational’s cover of “Stranger Eyes” below:

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