Stockholm-based dark electronic music duo Vener shakes the dancefloor with “Tremors” a song that fuses electro and post-punk in a manner akin to New Order circa Technique in 1989.

The music, crafted, composed, and performed by Mirella Hautala, and Oliver Gille Vowden,  is aurally captivating, with beat-driven tracks that engulf the senses within deep club contextural rhythms bolstered by strong hooks and harmonies. The sound of VENER is often described as ”dance music to the backdrop of a world falling apart”, or ”suitable sounds for an extinction-level event.”

Given that 2020 is certainly the year where we all feel as if we are living on a faultline,  Watch the video for “Tremors” below:

Starting out in 2019, VENER grew out of two musicians from the Stockholm scene with an ambition to combine musical elements, emphasizing rhythm and intensity. Together with always invigorating subjects such as the turmoils of life, humanity’s dark nature, and ambivalence towards a steady decline. Musical inspiration derives from groups and artists like Killing Joke, Big Black, Underworld, Trans Am, Gazelle Twin, and Cabaret Voltaire to name a few. Armed with the release of their debut single ”Tremors” (Aug 2020) and another one in the works.

“Tremors” is out now

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