Synthesizer-based Coldwave act Blind Delon have unveiled their stylishly art directed animated video for the brooding and seductive French language track “Tes Lèvres”,  a song whose title when translated into English results as: “Your Lips”.

The release of the song and video seem to retain an orally fixated theme, such as previously featured in the single “Cigarette”, which was made its debut during the summer.

These two songs are culled from Blind Delon’s latest LP Chimeres, the followup to their debut album Discipline, which was released in 2019 on Unknown Pleasures Records.

The video for “Tes Lèvres” was directed by Tim Gainet, a frequent collaborator with Blind Delon, who is also behind the Parisian synth project Poison Point, and more techno-oriented outing, IV Horsemen.

Watch the video for “Tes Lèvres” below:

Blind Delon was founded in  Tolhouse during 2016 by Mathis Kolkoz—a French artist who draws his energy from coldwave and synthwave references channeled through the use of vintage synthesizers, icy bass lines, and dark romanticism, all combined with a raw elegance and melancholy.

Their latest LP is out now as a joint release through French Labels Manic Depression and Icy Cold Records.

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